Friday, 9 September 2016

Not very bright

Right for all my pony friends whose humans don't let them have enough grass.......we've all heard the "you'll get fat" "do you know how painful laminitis is?" "check out that crest" "you need to watch your weight" and all the other excuses they give for starving us........note humans don't starve themselves, or watch their weight in quite the same way as they watch ours. Anyway I have now discovered THE PERFECT way for getting more grass allotted to my good self.
1. look mournfully at the lack of grass in my field.
2. break down the fencing when no one is looking and eat from the not allowed grass.
3. human then puts back fencing and opens up grazing to what she thinks is a goodly amount.
4. enjoy successfully gaining access to previously denied grass.

This method has worked a couple of times now. Long may it continue. The great thing about this method human still (stupidly) thinks she is the one in control of the grazing. Humans are not very bright.

I am going to be rewarded for my cleverness tomorrow as I'm booked in for a massage. Brilliant human.

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