Saturday, 10 September 2016

New massage lady

It's been raining all night. Human arrived very very very early this morning. I came in with her and went in my room. Human said I needed to be dry for when the massage lady comes to give me a massage.
It was ok, I had a nice thick bed, a huge pile of hay and a big bucket of water to drink. A bit later Stormy came in so I had company. He keeps poking his head through into my room and watching me. Silly boy as if I'm going to play with him when I have food that needs eating.
Later on human arrives, cleans my room and we wait for the massage lady.
She was ok. I wasn't that impressed with her. My old massage lady Etti was better. I wonder if next time I can get human to see if Etti can massage me. I'm a bit stiff in my neck she says. Human thinks it's where I keep having a nosy into peoples gardens as we ride past.
After massage lady had gone, Lacey had her massage and Treacle was going to be last. I went back to my field to find all the grass I managed to persuade human to give me yesterday.
It stopped raining just as I got to my field.

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