Monday, 12 September 2016

Molly sitting

Human was very early this morning. It was pedicure day. The lovely hoofyman Tom came and sorted out my cute hooflets.
After Tom had gone I got dressed and took human out for a wee plod. The weather was perfect plodding weather. We did a bit of cantering, lots of trotting and even more walking.
When we got back I had my breakfast and went in the school for a wee munch while human had a cuppa.
Back to my field for some serious munching. Human went home, she had to do a spot of Molly sitting. YMF and the Grandfoals have gone out for the day so human offered to sit with Molly for a wee while so she wasn't lonely.
Molly and human played out in the garden for a while before human left for home. Molly cried and howled when human went. Human went back a few minutes later and Molly had gone quiet.


The weather forecast peoples say it's going to be nice weather all week so hooves x'd that human and I get out lots this week.

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