Thursday, 1 September 2016

Leaking human

Oh dear my job title of emotional support was apt today. Human kept leaking all over the place. Treacle the 4 legged rat catcher went off to the vet to have surgery. She will be back home later assuming all goes well.
The Stallion is not well again and the human vet is investigating something rather nasty. Human isn't happy.
And one of the new humans decided our bridlepath isn't up to standard. I've never had a problem nor has anyone else that I know of but this one has. So it's having a new surface put down. Because of what the surface is made of means I won't be able to go down the bridlepath without either shoes or hoof boots on. Shoes are going to cost a lot of money and boots rub if I wear them too often. Why do people humans keep coming to our yard and then complaining and wanting to get things changed. Why humans do you keep doing this? It happens over and over again. One person wants something and forgets that it impacts on everyone else. Human isn't happy.
I got to take her out for a wee plod today. My mane is great for mopping up eye leaks.
The good news is Treacle four legged rat catcher has come through her surgery ok and will be home tonight. Thank goodness for one bit of good news today.

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