Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Zoe's version of a meltdown

Today as human arrived the very young and very nice mower man arrived to cut back the bridleway. He said he would be about half an hour so I came in with human. She faffed about, had a cuppa, faffed some more. I got brushed and sprayed to within an inch of my life.
When human thought mower man would be done we set off.
Ah we noticed it had only been cut back on one side. Oh but who is this......mower man had broken down. He now had his shirt off. Poor human.
I didn't want to go past his mower. Human described me as "having a meltdown". Human you have no idea of what a meltdown is really like.

On the way home we noticed he had gone and the bridleway had been cut both sides.


  1. Oh bless you Zoe and your "melt down". I wonder what was going through your head when you saw the mower. We are watching the horse jumping in the olympics, I have just said and "here is Zoe and her human for GB". ;-). X

    1. I think my Olympic days are over although if there were a carrot eating section I would win that hoof down.
      I did practise synchronised rolling with Rosie who used to live next to me. We often used to roll at the same time. There isn't a synchronised rolling section either **sig**