Monday, 15 August 2016

Sometimes you just have to shout

Human hasn't been listening to me. I've been telling her I need more grass. But no human knows best or thinks she does.
So today before she got her I took matters into my own hoofs and opened up the field for myself.
I spent a while down on the long grass munching away to my hearts content.
When human arrived, she had been alerted by RnR's human I came back up to the top of the field. Finally human has got the message. She has opened up a big big patch of lovely long grass for me to munch. The downside is she is worried about me eating too much so she brought the HL grazing muzzle. Well it's not so bad I'm very skilled at eating with it on.
Now when human arrived today the chair in my field was on it's side. Of course I got the blame. Well imagine humans surprise when viewing the SpyCam she sees a man and his family turn it on it's side. What the hell was that about, Why? Well done SpyCam you got me off the hook.
The Greater Spotted Woodpecker and the Green Woodpecker have been back to the bird café.
Human didn't have long to hang about today she needed new tyres on her car.
Hoping I get to take her out tomorrow to say thanks for all the lovely new grass.

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