Sunday, 28 August 2016

She's back, she's back, she 's back

Yey she's back. MY human is back. She was here really really early this morning. Normally her routine is to do the jobs and then ask me to come in with her. Not today. I came straight in with her leaving the jobs til later.

I got brushed and brushed and brushed. Oh my it felt so so good. So good. Oh yes human that's the spot right there, don't stop human don't stop.
I got my perfume on and got dressed to take human out. I knew she would want to go out. ZoeCam on and off we go. Down the main road to the next village and back through the fields.
What a lovely time I had out with my human.
When we got back I was just getting undressed when Young C arrived to visit me. Her mum had an accident and crashed the car. Luckily no one was seriously hurt. Young C had to be cut out of the car, all she remembers is being lifted out by a man and she didn't have any shoes on. Her mum spent a while in hospital and is out now.
Young C went and got my breakfast and I had a munch. Then Young C took me back to my field and did some of the jobs like the cleaning.
I am so pleased Young C and her mum weren't badly hurt.

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