Wednesday, 31 August 2016

More feel good spots

Human arrived very very early again this morning. She did the jobs and asked me to come in with her.
I had a wee scratch of my itchy places while I waited for human. She wasn't impressed.


I got dressed and took her for a wee plod down the bridlepath.
It was heavenly, no one around at all, just me, my human and the birds. Wonderful.
When we got back I had my breakfast and went back to my field.

Human says tomorrow we can spend some time together. Treacle the four legged rat catcher that lives with human is off to the vets for surgery to remove a tumour. Hooves x'd all goes well young rat catcher I'll be thinking of you. Rat catchers mum used to share my room a long time ago. We were great friends.

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