Monday, 29 August 2016

Damn cheek

Human was very very early again this morning. Only today she did the jobs then sat in the chair watching the birds at the bird café for a while.
Eventually she got herself moving and asked me to come in with her. I got brushed and brushed. Then Lacey May arrived. Her human asked if we would go out with them. I got dressed and off we set.
We went all the way to the next village across the fields. We saw a strange horse riding through one of the fields. No doubt one of us will get the blame if the farmer sees evidence of horses having been in his fields.
A stonking trot on the way home and back to the yard whereupon I got young Alfie on board and took him for a wee plod round the village. He had the cheek to say I was very slow. Very slow indeed. If he had asked me to go a bit faster I would have done, he didn't ask so I didn't offer. So rude.
When I got back I had my breakfast and off to my field for a well needed rest.
I do hope human is early again tomorrow.

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