Sunday, 7 August 2016

Anti bird poo device

Human came early today. The Stallion is driving her mad. Since his stroke he has had a personality change and he forgets things, claims things that happened never did. Human gets very frustrated and has to remind herself he could be a lot worse.
So she came over to be with me. She gave me some more grass which was nice then went off to do some weeding.
Now what do you rekon to my new anti bird device on my water? Both human and I got fed up with the birds using it as a toilet.
It works. Hurrah. Lets hope it stays that way. I'm not sure the birds are impressed. They had a big meeting last night.
It took me a few minutes to get used to it, I wasn't too sure about having things flapping round my head while I was drinking but really it's ok. If it stops the birds pooing in my trough that's fine by me.


  1. That's a really good idea for desensitizing! I need some of that tape. No matter how often I wear my rain coat, my horse seems to be terrified of it each time I take it off. *sigh* Here we have crows that disturb the troughs, leaving mud inside and who knows what.

    1. Mostly crows and pigeons using this as a toilet. My human gets all bothered when my water isn't clean. Me not quite so much.