Monday, 8 August 2016

Am I bothered?

Human arrived a little late today. Just as she was about to leave her stable YMF and the Grandfoals arrived. Well that's her excuse anyway.
I've lent my human to RnR for the week so off trots human to do the cleaning for them. Then she comes back and does my cleaning before asking me to go to the yard with her.
I spent a leisurely time in the school having a wee munch while human had a cuppa or two. Eventually I get brushed and dressed. Off we go. We don't go far but we did go quite fast today. Human was up for a little yeehaa time. It was quite windy out so no horrid flies about. They don't like it when it's windy.
When we got back I had some lunch then back to my field for a well earned drink. Human laughs at the tape flapping round me. "Is there nothing you're afraid of?" she keeps asking me. not really.


  1. Hee hee Zoe I thought you and your human were going to wait for the bus when I saw the bus stop, that seems a lovely plod you were on. Wish you went by my house, I would have carrots ready for you if you did, but our road would be a bit too busy for you, not that it would faze you x

    1. I wish I did take human near your house. A carrot stop sounds a fabulous idea. xx Hope you're ok Ann we've not heard much from you for a while.