Friday, 1 July 2016


I have a self filling water trough that is big and bulky. I get to use it in the winter but not in the summer as it gets all manky when the sun shines on it and it's too difficult to clean out properly.
So up to now I have had a couple of big bins that human keeps full of nice clean water, she cleans them out regularly for me.
Until now.............Human has bought a small self filling trough. It's small enough to empty and keep clean but human doesn't have to stand about waiting for it to fill and sometimes forgetting to turn the hose off so it overflows.

Human was early this morning. She just came and did the jobs that needed doing like feeding me. She told me afterwards that she had sneaked the wormer stuff in with my breakfast. Sneaky huh? I have to say I didn't even notice which is a good thing. I'm pleased she listened to me when I asked her to get the wormer treat things rather than that yukky syringe thing.
Human didin't stop long. She was going to be looking after Colt Grandfoal Kyle today. She likes looking after the Grandfoals.

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