Monday, 11 July 2016

Rain won't hurt

Mmmmm nettles.
Yesterday was humans birthday so The Stallion came with her and brought me birthday carrots. He went off photographing stuff while human and I just did. I munched. Human sat and watched me a-munching. She liked watching me munch through the nettles that are starting to die off now. I
enjoyed munching through the nettles too.
Today human arrived. I had just started to get dressed to take her out and the rain started. So fairweather human undressed me and took me back to my field. Of course the rain stopped before we got anywhere near the field.
Human you seriously need to get over your fear of the rain. You won't melt, it won't hurt you and for your information your skin is waterproof. You might get a little damp on the outside but it won't hurt you  silly human.

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