Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Poor four legged rat catcher is ill again.

Human was here a bit late today. The four legged rat catcher has been to the vet again. She has had some major surgery in the past and the news is she needs some more surgery ** sigh **. Human laughs and says she is the most expensive free cat ever. So in about a month she gets sorted again. She has a tumour on her thyroid which needs removing.
It started raining when human was here so I knew we wouldn't be doing anything yet again. Oh well. Had my breakfast and went off to munch the grass. At least the rain will keep the grass growing well.
Human went to check on the badger spycam. She noticed the boys had got their fence down. They could still get to their water and couldn't get anywhere they weren't supposed to be so no big deal. She let their owners know and left them to it. Oops boys I wonder how that happened.

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