Tuesday, 19 July 2016


Meet Molly, the new addition to YMF's clan. She is 17wks old, a Labrador x german shepherd. She lived with a family who had her for 9 wks. She has lived outside on her own with a kennel only coming in at night to sleep in a crate. She has only been walked twice as they "didn't have time". She has no clue about rules or boundaries and is a little livewire. She just wants to be with and play with humans all the time.
She is going to take a bit of work to learn a few rules for living with humans but she is a fast learner. She has the sweetest nature.
It's so hot here today. Human came early to make sure I was ok. I have shade in my field and lots of water in my new self filling trough. It's too hot to take human out today. This hot weather is only due to last a few days then I can get back to doing what I do well. Taking human for a wee plod or two.
I'm looking forward to meeting Molly. I wonder what she will make of me.

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