Thursday, 21 July 2016

He's home

Hurrah he's home. Yes I know you have no idea who or what I am talking about so allow me to enlighten you.
YMF has a four legged rat catcher, he is the brother of humans rat catcher. Wee Man is what YMF's rat catcher is called. He has a medical condition that means he has to have special food or he gets very very ill and if not treated promptly he would die. Scary huh as well as expensive.
Anyway he has been missing for a few days. The humans were getting rather worried about him. So today YMF printed off some posters with a lovely picture of Wee Man asking people to check their sheds and garages in case he had got stuck inside one. The humans went posting them at every house nearby.
Tonight he came sauntering home as if nothing had happened. He was really really hungry which makes everyone suspect he had been stuck somewhere.
He got to meet Molly, well sort of. She had been confined in one area, WeeMan found one of her toys which obviously smell of her. He didn't like it. It made him jump. The other of YMF's rat catchers isn't keen on Molly yet but not too bothered, just giving her a wide berth. They will all get used to each other in time.

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