Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Fly Free

I came in with human, no one was on the yard. Heavenly. Poor Sophie isn't feeling good. She doesn't even look out of her stable when I arrive. She's just standing looking miserable. I do hope she starts to feel better soon it's been far too long already.
I got brushed and sprayed, mane and tail brushed out. Reds human arrived. My human stops for a cuppa with Reds human.

Back to seeing to me and getting me dressed. Human put ZoeCam on her hat and off we set. Oh lovely. Along the busy main road, off onto a side road and back via the garden centre. It was busy in parts and quiet in others but the best news NO BLOOMIN' FLIES. Not a single one. I can deal with busy traffic in return for no flies.
When we got back I got my breakfast. I went in the school for a munch while human sat with another cuppa watching the amazing aerial displays the swallows were putting on for her.
Back to my field. Human cleans out my trough and off she goes. Heavenly.
Human has been teasing some of the other humans. They keep telling her about an enormous rat in the feed room. No one else has seen it. So human photo shopped a photo of the feed room.

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