Saturday, 9 July 2016

Evening visitor

You did know that was Nugget and not me in yesterdays photo don't you? Of course you do. Only The Stallion, The Grandfoal and OMF all thought it was me.

Today wee Rummage is no worse for his adventures from yesterday thank goodness. Lucky escape. Or was it. His human has said he never has to wear his muzzle again. Sounds good, except she has made his paddock even smaller. Oops.

Human was late today. She had been to the trimmer to have her mane trimmed. Didn't look any different to me.
She pottered round doing the cleaning. She cleaned out my new trough, it's small enough to do easily.
Look at the wonderful colour of this fox who came a-visiting last night. Isn't it fabulous. SpyCam goes to black and white when it gets too dark for colour pics so pleased foxy came early evening.

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