Sunday, 17 July 2016

Early bird

Well what a surprise. Human arrived very early this morning. Asked me to come in with her which I did. Rather intrigued about what was going on. Red and her human were in the yard getting ready to go out. They went off without us.
Human got me ready in record time, and off we set. She had the ZoeCam on her head so I knew we were going out on the roads.
We went on the road all the way to the next village and returned via the fields. It was pretty nice. We saw some horses and riders on the other side of the main road that's a first in all the time we've been riding down that road.
When we got back I got a quick breakfast and we legged it back to my field. Human did the cleaning and cleaned out my little trough so I can have nice clean water.
Off she went at record speed. The Stallion was making her a cooked breakfast and she had to be back in time to eat. YMF, YMF's Stallion, NG Lola and Colt Grandfoal Kyle were all coming round to her human stable for breakfast.
I know have the rest of my day for munching, snoozing and watching the world go by.

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