Sunday, 31 July 2016

Dales Pony Centenary

What an amazing sight. To celebrate the centenary of the Dales Pony Society there was the presidents ride through Barnard Castle in County Durham. About 60 beautiful Dales took part including one rider all the way from the USA.
There are many more events planned throughout the year. Human and Nugs human are going to watch an evening performance in a couple of weeks.
I would have loved to have gone and met so many of my relatives. Sadly it's too far away for us and we don't have any transport.


So today I got to take human out. Unusual for a sunday. To help the Bridleways lady from the British Horse society we went over the road with the ZoeCam on. To show her what our bridleway is like.
It was fun. Well I enjoyed myself.

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