Friday, 22 July 2016

Casper and the Cake

I hate them flys. I got bitten. Now I've got an "owie" well that's what NG Lola calls them.
Even so human arrived super early today and we went for a quick wee plod. It was nice and cool.
When we got back I got a nice breakfast and went back to my field.
Some photos for you. My "owie" it's a big one huh? and ghostly goings on in the feed room. Human put the SpyCam up in the feed room everyone in blog land meet Casper. Our very own feed room ghost.
Human and The Stallion are trying to convince me it's a moth but seriously........I know it's Casper.

Human went home to help YMF take Molly for her walk. It's not easy, untrained doglet, baby foal and a young filly trying to go for a walk.

When they got back NG Lola went to humans house and made a cake for The Stallion. It's easy to decorate, one sweetie for the cake one for Lola.

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