Friday, 8 July 2016

A grand rescue.

It's my human and her twinny's birthday this weekend. So they got together today. Human went over to my boy Nug and his human (twinny). She took cake. They were so busy yakking and drooling over my handsome son that human forgot the time.
Hence she was late to bring me breakfast.
I came in with human and had my mane n tail washed, all the time human was going on about how handsome and wonderful my boy is. What a superstar he has grown up to be. I'm so proud of him. He is doing the Dales breed proud.
Talking of Dales ponies.......apparently we are on this list of 11 rarest horse breeds **sigh**.

I've found another Dales blog. What a talented breed we are. This is another young man. Do I only read the blogs of handsome younger dales boys? Would seem so. So folks go meet Ted.

I digress. After I'd been washed and dried, perfume on, breakfast eaten I went back to my field. We were just walking through the village when a human ran up to us in a panic...... "can you help me can you help me" she was shouting. She had been walking through the fields and noticed wee Rummage had his leg caught up in his muzzle. Human left me in my field and went on a rescue mission. Silly boy was in a right pickle. He stood very politely while human undid straps all over the place to free him. Lucky for rummage human was in the right place at the right time. His human hadn't been gone more than 30 mins.

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