Thursday, 30 June 2016

Shortest wee plod in history.

As the SpyCam is in my field I thought I'd best take control of how I look in the photos. I think I look good for a mature girl.
The bad news is I have a huge amount of wormy things in my tummy. Where have they come from I wonder, I didn't have wormys at the end of march. Poo count came back at 3200epg and the tapeworm test was in their words, "off the scale".
I've persuaded human to get the nasty medicine in tablet treat form. I hate having that syringe stuffed in my mouth.
For the first time in ages it's not raining. So I took human out for what turned out to be a super short wee plod. We had just got a little way down the bridleway when human couldn't remember locking the door to the tea room. I had tried to tell her as we joined the bridleway but as I don't speak human and human doesn't speak horse I had to wait for her to realise.
We turned round......what I'd been trying to do ever since we reached the end of the village and went home. Oop human seems to remembered after all. What a shame I'll just have my breakfast now then please.

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