Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Rain, rain, rain

Rain, rain, rain and a bit more rain. The bottom of Robs field is getting lakes growing in there. Will be ducks floating about soon if this rain doesn't give in.
I'm a bit further up the hill so no floods for me. I'm enjoying my time looking after Robs for Red. We have been having a bit of a love-in over the fencing. No trick in this fence. Human knows though, Robs left lots of white hairs all down my neck.......busted.
Now on Monday Odies human rang my human as she was worried about Odes. So my human drove over to have a look at him. He was looking very sorry for himself, proper miserable. He didn't have any raised pulses, and seemed to be able to walk ok. He did have masses of buttercup burn round his gob which can't feel good.
Next morning (yesterday) Human turns up on her way to going to visit Tommy, Brack and TW. She popped over to see how Odie was and found him flat out. She rattled the gate and shouted to him. She got some paper out of her pocket and rustled it. Nope nothing. He didn't move. With her heart in her mouth she climbed over the gate. Phew he got up. That was one stressed out human I can tell you.
He still wasn't right so his human got the vet out to check him over. She has given him some medication to make him feel better. Poor Odes.

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