Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Hot plod

Human was early today. Theresa the lovely lady who comes and checks my saddle is fitting ok came today. She fiddled and faffed, prodded and poked and fiddled some more. Human got on and we went in the school, silly human didn't tighten up the girth, however she clearly has some semblance of balance as my saddle didn't budge.
videoAfter Theresa Saddle Lady had gone I took human out for a wee not so ploddy plod. It's very very hot out, I was still feeling rather enthusiastic. We went towards the next village. Two men got in the hedge almost to let us past. What did they think I was going to do, they didn't have any carrots or anything.
On the last bit just before the next village we go along a very narrow stretch with big hedges either side, oops farmer in a huge tractor with a big trailer behind was coming towards us. It was either us turn round or farmer reverse his huge tractor.
We turned round and cut our plod short. It was ok, it's a bit too hot for plodding anyway.
When we got back human hosed me down, mmmmm that feels so nice. I stood about in the sunshine drying off while human had a drink. I got a drink and breakfast.
We went back to my field and I rolled and rolled and rolled.
Human has put the SpyCam in my field pointing towards the peanut thing for the birds. She is hoping to catch some pretty birdys.

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