Monday, 6 June 2016

hot hot hot

My oh my it's been so hot today. Human was really really late, I even began to think she might not be coming at all. Not that she has ever not come without arranging for someone else to visit me.
Eventually she turns up. Tops up my water, cleans the field and asks me to come in with her.
We take a slow wander through the village, human seems tired.
I get dressed and take her out for a short wee plod. It was too hot to go far or at any speed today.
When we got back human gave me something to eat and then got the hosepipe out. I got a lovely shower which felt wonderful then stood around in the sunshine to dry off.
On getting back to my field I rolled and rolled and rolled. That felt wonderful too. I trotted off to have a big drink and human went home.

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