Tuesday, 7 June 2016

First, last or side by side

My friend has been really silly. She won't go some places because at this time of year everything is overgrown and it all looks different.
So today her human asked if human and I could accompany her and would I kindly show her there is nothing to be scared of. Yeah sure no problem.
Now normally when we got out my friend has to be in front. Not today. She said, "Zo you go first for a change" So I did.
Some of the time we went side by side. Some of the time I went in front. Some of the time, mostly on the way home I might add my friend went in front.
We had cars coming towards us and behind us all stopped to let us across the road. How kind car drivers.
We were out for nearly 2hours. Poor human has a problem with one of her toes, she was in agony after a while. It was funny when we trotted to get across the road on the way home and she was going, "ouch, ouch, ouch".
When we got back I had some breakfast, hosed down as it was a hot day and went back to my field.

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