Saturday, 25 June 2016

Bye Camryn

First I have to say goodbye to my friend in USA Camryn. She is moving on to new pastures. I wish her everything she could want in her new life. I'm hoping she finds a laptop at her new home so she can keep in touch but suspect she might be too busy having fun to blog.

For the first time in forever I got to take human out for a wee plod. We went with Red and her human. Red wasn't feeling quite right, we didn't go far. It started to rain and the flies were horrid. When we got back of course the rain stopped. Red has a painful leg. It's a bit swollen so after some tlc she went back to her field for a few days off.
It was nice to finally get out with human shame about the flies, human doesn't like the rain but I don't mind.

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