Saturday, 28 May 2016

Wildlife safari

Honestly it's getting like a wildlife safari in my field.
When I first moved here there were loads of hares. In the last couple of years we've been lucky if we've even seen one. This year there are lots around. There has even  been one in my field.  I'm so pleased they are back.

Human turned up in the sunshine on her bike. Asked me to come in with her so I did. We got dressed and went for a not so wee plod with my friend and her human. My friend wasn't up for it today. When asked to trot she reluctantly did so after several requests. She told me it was a lovely sunny day and she wanted to lie down in her field and eat. Can't fault that logic.
When we got back human went to visit the land owner. Yes she can put the stuff out to try and clear up foxy's mange. The other human isn't going to be happy. Oops. Hooves x'd it works for poor wee foxy.

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