Thursday, 12 May 2016

Squatters in my room

Well the downpours have finished and we have sunshine again. You know what that means? Yeah the grass will grow lots. Grass likes rain and sun. Mmmm come on grass grow lots.
Human came and got me, it was rather busy on the yard for a change. Three were waiting for a pedicure. One was resting after taking her human out for a wee plod and me. Waiting for human to get me dressed so I could take her out.
I have squatters in my room. Not the swallows we usually have at this time of year, not seen them yet but a lovely Robin nesting. A wee fledgling was in my water bucket, luckily for him there was no water in it or he would have been in trouble.


And Brock is back. He's been missing for a few days, the Brocks over in another field haven't been seen for a while either. So pleased he's back. Human gets all excited when she realises he's been snuffling in my field.
I took human out, we had planned to go to the next village but the farmer was spraying his field and it was windy. There is no hedge between that field and the track so we decided to go somewhere else instead. It was nice.
 Two hoofymen were on the yard doing pedicures. I stood outside my room and had a nice munch. Very pleasant in the sunshine.
Back to my field to continue the good work of eating down the grass.

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