Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Musical tie ups

The sunshine has gone but I did get human out for a wee plod.
I came in with her and stood outside my room. I got in trouble for rubbing my voluptuous bottom on the stable wall, so I got moved to outside Storms room. Oops I got in trouble for helping myself to a mouthful or two of Storms hay. So I got moved yet again to outside my old room. Are we playing musical tie ups human? Finally human was happy. I got brushed and brushed. I am lovely and shiny. My summer coat is here, winter woollies are a thing of the past.
I got dressed and off we set. A nice steady pace, down the bridlepath and into the next village. Molly the Shetland was dozing, not like her at all, the other two boys were charging about like idiots.
Human and I turned round at that point and headed for home.
It started to rain on the way home, not a lot. Human was hoping it wasn't going to pour down as she was on her bike today.
When I got back human undressed me before going and getting my breakfast. Mmmm yum.

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