Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Idiot humans

We have a fox on the yard who is a sorry looking specimen. He has mange we think. Human has been in contact with the fox welfare who are sending her some stuff to put on some food to clear it up. One human on the yard is having a hissy fit about it. Human will never do anything that affects anyone else without discussing it first. This other human seems to think my human is not terribly bright. Wrong she is. She is doing her research first and awaiting answers to some concerns before using it. She also needs to have permission from the land owner before going ahead.
If the fox isn't treated he will die a protracted and painful death. Human has suggested if the treatment isn't suitable and we can't get anyone to catch him and treat him elsewhere then maybe a marksman who can shoot him would be kinder.
We will see what happens.

Today human was really early. Tom the hoofyman was coming to trim my tootsies. Human then had to rush off as The Stallion was back at the horsepital for a checkup. No wee plod again today then human. Shame as it's a lovely sunny day. 

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