Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Fabulous Grandfoal evening.

I was just beginning to think human had forgotten all about me when she arrived with my lovely Grandfoal. Oh yes this is going to be fun.
The Grandfoal asked me to come in with her while human moved the fencing, oh I know what The Grandfoal wants me to do.
The Grandfoal got me dressed, perfume on. Human checked my girth and off I set with The Grandfoal.
We went down the bridlepath. Once we were out of sight of human we upped the gears into warp speed. Yeehaa, let's go go go Grandfoal.
The Grandfoal dropped the reins and we cantered like that for a bit. Human would be having a heart attack if she saw.
On the way back we had to walk up the bridlepath because of a big rabbit hole right in the middle of the track.
We then went into my field and we showed human how The Grandfoal can canter without reins. Human went rather pale, but of course I was perfectly behaved like I'm going to do anything to harm my Grandfoal. Silly human. The Grandfoal did some "round the world" and more cantering, we even cantered down the hill.
Back to the yard to get undressed and have something to eat before going back to my field.
What a fabulous evening it's been. I do hope we can do it again soon.

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