Monday, 9 May 2016

Catch up

It's been really warm here in the UK. Unusual. So I've spent my time snoozing and munching with a bit more snoozing thrown in.
I've taken human out for a few wee plods last week. I was hoping this last weekend to take her for a longer plod but it wasn't to be. She had visitors on Sat, a friend she hasn't seen for a long time. And yesterday she was a lazy daisy and didn't get out of her bed early enough. She was cooking dinner later for lots of people including the dreaded SWMBO. I've not see SWMBO  for a long time (thank goodness) I have mellowed a bit and come to dislike her less over the years.
I loaned my human to R&R this weekend as their human had gone away for a couple of days. They loan me their human when mine goes away so it all works out ok. Rob is looking very old these days. He isn't able to pick his back feet up properly and drags his toes, he is now on pain relief medication to make him more comfortable. Its so sad to see a majestic boy getting old.

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