Sunday, 29 May 2016

A nice day

Well that was a surprise. Human turned up. She was supposed to be going out walking with The Stallion. I expected them at some point to see to my hearts desire, well ok food, water and the cleaning to be done. But no. Oh no no no
Human asked me to come in with her. I got dressed and Young C appeared. Human asked if she wanted to have a wee plod on Zoe. Her eyes lit up. We don't get to see her much as she is at school most days when human comes to see me.
On she hops and off we go. A quick plod round the village and into the school. Lacey's human who is a riding instructor offered to walk round the school with Young C. First lesson under her belt she even walked me out of the school off the rein. Well done Young C.

After Young C had finished I waited patiently outside Chiefs room (I'm banned from standing outside my room 'cos I rub my bum on the stable wall and I share Storms hay if I stand outside his room) while human went for a cuppa. She did remember to loosen my girth while I waited.
Human came and hopped hauled her ample bum onto my saddle and off we went for a quick wee plod down the bridleway.
When we got back I had my breakfast while human ate cake. She didn't share.
A nice day all round.

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