Friday, 1 April 2016

Organised human

So last night I got to spend the night in my room. This is what I get up to overnight. Yep SpyCam was there to capture my every moment.
Human was  early this morning and for a change rather organised.
She turns up and I go in the school for a munch, while human takes some hay to my field and gets it all ready for me to go out in.
When she gets back, human cleans my room. Then I get dressed and take her in the school for a quick bit of teaching her how to ride better.
I had just got undressed when Tom the hoofyman turns up to give me a pedicure.
Then it's back out to my field where my breakfast with carrots and a nice pile of hay with some haylage was waiting.
Human went back to the yard to fetch even more hay and haylage. I came over to have a look to see if she'd stacked it ok. She had.
Hoping for organised human to be around tomorrow.


  1. Well if a girl is hungry through the night then a girl must eat eh Zoe? 😉 X

    1. Indeed Ann, Human left me plenty of hay to munch.