Sunday, 20 March 2016

What happened to two days off?

Huh? Well human explain yourself. I was busy munching in my field when I heard that lovely Grandfoal.
She asked would I mind taking her out for a wee plod. Well it was supposed to be my day off but as you asked so nicely Grandfoal......
I walked in with her and got dressed. Human has to help do up my girth properly but that's all she does. My lovely Grandfoal does everything else.
We set off down the bridlepath leaving human in my field doing the cleaning. Now the nice thing about Grandfoal is she isn't a wimpy poo pants like my  human is. Grandfoal isn't bothered about a little warp speed ride.
On the way back we went in my field and about flew up the hill several times. Not looking past it now and I human? You should try it sometime.
The Grandfoal took me back to the yard to get undressed and get my supper before bringing me back to my field where human had filled my box with hay and carrots.
Human says I can have tomorrow off instead. Ok, but can you bring The Grandfoal back to ride again soon please?

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