Thursday, 10 March 2016

We went a-visiting

Human is rather grumpy at the moment. Yesterday she got stuck on the yard for over 20minutes as the gardeners that are doing next doors gardens blocked the gate and wouldn't move. They are a pain.
Today human turned up and they had blocked the gate again. Human and I could get on but I had a hay delivery coming. Human told them in no uncertain terms to shift.
I then got dressed and took human out for a lovely wee plod. First we went to check on the big girls.

Then we went to the next village. Wee Molly and her friend were rather lively. I ignored them. They didn't seem to understand I have to look after human. If she goes plop I don't get any dinner.


On the way back human spotted humans in our field. Uh oh who is this then. Then she spotted the boys. Aha it's just one of their humans turning them out.

When we got back the gardeners had moved some stuff but parked in the way so my hayman wouldn't be able to get in. Human reminded them he would be here in 30 mins.

Oops when John the hayman came he wasn't in his big truck and trailer he was just in his little truck and could have got through without anything being moved. He NEVER comes in the little truck.

All in all it was a lovely plod out with human. The weather was nice, ground rather slippy in places but ok. I looked after human to make sure she didn't go plop. I got a lovely dinner when we got back, after my hay arrived.......oh it looks lovely to see such a big supply waiting to be eaten......I went back to my field. Same again tomorrow human?

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