Friday, 11 March 2016


Human came earlyish today. She brought more hay to my field. Yum. I came in with her and we went for  wee plod with my friend.
Finally the horrid gardeners have moved the rubbish they put in our school so I can go in there while human has a cuppa after our plods together.
It was very warm today and I was rather hot when we got back. I need to lose this winter fluff if it's going to stay this warm.
SpyCam is still there watching my every move day and night. Some of my night time visitors are lovely. It was foggy this morning so not a good pic of Tod. Can you see me with Tod? There is a pic of Tod on a clear night taken a few nights ago so you can see how beautiful Tod is. I quite like the one with me and baby bunny taken earlier in the night.

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