Tuesday, 1 March 2016


Human came a bit later today. I think it was because it was raining this morning. She claims not. The wolf aka Sasha YMF's dog has been to the vet. She is getting old and has had a stroke. Seems happy enough so has come home to enjoy life. YMF was worried she wouldn't be coming home from the vet. But she has so all's well.
The lock from the yard gate has gone walkabouts. The humans are very cross about it.
Human asked me to do some running round in circles today. I was feeling rather lively much to humans amusement after my weekend scam.
Human took the film from the SpyCam that is in my field.
This is from the last few nights. How many different animals can you spot visiting me at night? Sadly it's been a bit foggy some nights so not very clear, other nights it's been lovely and clear. Risk you take with a SpyCam

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