Sunday, 13 March 2016

Put that back

Human was VERY late today. The Stallion was going out for a celebratory meal, it's 13yrs since he was awarded his black belt. Human was required to be on taxi duties for him. As he rescued her yesterday it was only fair she played along.
So I didn't get my breakfast until late afternoon. How bad is that? I did however get a nice day off in the sunshine to do with as I pleased.
SpyCam caught this wee cheeky crow and the bowl she puts the nuts in. Love how he stands on it to put it in a position so he can pick it up. Clever crow. Shame it was foggy this morning.

We also have some wee mousey/voley/ratty things eating the nuts not seen them before. And a nice bit of tod paying a visit.
The bad news is my laptop is playing up. The Stallion has said he is going to take a look at it but fears it might be broken. He says he'll buy me a new one if it's not repairable.
I might therefore be a bit hit and miss with blogging in the next few days.

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