Monday, 21 March 2016

Promises kept

Thankyou human. I gave up my day off yesterday to play with my Grandfoal and take her out for a wee very fast plod. You said I could have today off. Thankyou for keeping your promise.
I did indeed get today off. Human came early with hay. Bringing more bales of hay to store outside my field.
She brought breakfast, a nice cooked breakfast with carrots as well.
Human poked me in the ribs and announced that at last I seem to be putting weight on. No doubt she'll be complaining about it soon.
Human did the cleaning, put two buckets out for water after cleaning them. The hosepipe has sprung a leak so the buckets didn't get filled up I have to make do with my trough for now.
Off went human saying she'll be back tomorrow.
I was too busy eating my way through yet more hay to say goodbye.

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