Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Poorly Smokey

Human arrived really early today. I wasn't expecting her quite so early. Seems YMF needs human to be at her human stable later.
Human did the jobs and I came in with her.
Got dressed and off we set for a quick wee plod. We had just got to the top of the bridlepath when humans phone thing starts making noises. Uh oh that usually means trouble.
It was YMF, one of her 4 legged rat catchers isn't well and needs to go to the vet Erica.
Human and I continue on our way but jazzed it up a bit. I trotted all the way to the bench, said hi to the human lady and her dog on the bench then cantered all the way back up the bridlepath. Trotted through the village and back to the yard. Human was riding like she knew what she was doing which makes a nice change. It might have been a short plod but it certainly wasn't a ploddy plod. Go Zoe, go human.
Once on the yard human undresses me and lets me into my new room. I've not spent any time in this room before. I had water, a big pile of hay and my cooked breakfast.
Off goes human saying she'll be back in a wee while to take me back to my field.
When human came back she was rather quiet. Seems the 4 legged rat catcher is rather poorly and hasn't got much longer on this planet. She's ok at the moment, not in any pain but that will change soon. 4 legged rat catcher is 13yrs old. What she has is something to do with vaccinations, it affects 1 in 100,000. So sad. This is the 4 legged rat catcher Smokey with her friend Sasha who went to the vet last week or so. Sasha has had a stroke so not well herself. Not a good time for YMF but she has promised her 4 legged furry friends she will take care of them and won't let them suffer when the end comes.
I went back to my field. The sun is shining and it's such a lovely day to have such sad news. Enjoy your sunny days folks while you can.

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