Monday, 14 March 2016

Lost passport

Human arrived today, the sun was shining the birds were singing and all was well with the world. I came in with her and got brushed. Lost lots of my winter fluff, feels good to get brushed and brushed and brushed when I need my winter fluff removing.
I thought I might be going out for a plod with my friend, but no. I stayed behind by my room while human went off muttering.
Oh no seems she has lost my passport. Oops. So she was searching my wardrobe for it. She took everything out, looked in bags that have my thick rugs stored in to no avail. I haven't used those rugs for 5 years so unlikely to be in there human. Well at least she knows where it isn't.
Time was marching on so it was a quick get dressed and lets plod. We went down the bridlepath to where the bird box used to be then turned for home. We trotted and cantered all the way back pretty much.
Back on the yard it was, "here's ya breakfast Zo", human then had to wait while I ate it.
Back to my field. Young C was in her garden as we went past, she asked if she could come with us. Her mum said it was ok so Young C joined us on the walk to my field. My hay was in my box waiting to be eaten.
Off went human and Young C.
Nice day today but human you really must find my passport y'know.

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