Saturday, 26 March 2016


You've all heard me talk about Tom the hoofy man who comes and gives me a nice pedicure every few weeks. Well today I have Tom the toothy man come and give me a dental check up. Should that be Tom the toofy man do you think?
I just needed a little tidy up.
Afterwards Tom the toofy man gave me a polo as I was so well behaved, aren't I always.
While I was relaxing in my room one of the hay mans turns up with some big bales of HAYLAGE. R&R's human calls it heroin for horses. I don't care this stuff is yummy yummy yummy. Human has said I'm going to get some with my hay for a while as I'm still struggling to keep weight on. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this haylage stuff.
I'm getting a couple of days off as I've had my tooths tidied up.
See ya later I'm off to eat haylage.

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