Friday, 18 March 2016


Human arrived early today. It was rather groggy out and trying to rain. So human asked if I could do some running round in circles.
To be honest I wasn't feeling it today. I walked a bit, trotted a bit and did a half hearted canter for a bit. Not like last time when I did lots of yee haa bucking bronco whilst flying round at warp speed.
I have been working very hard ALL week this week. I'm ready for a day off. However human decided to cut it a bit short and I could go and find my breakfast. Oops I gotcha there human, as soon as I was free I exploded, yep proper exploded into a full on gallop all the way up the hill to the gate to await my breakfast.
I couldn't see but can just imagine humans face.....such fun.
I now have 2 days off as human, The Stallion, The Grandfoal, YMF, YMF's personal Stallion, NG Lola and wee colt Granfoal Kyle are all going away for a couple of days.
I am borrowing R&R's human. I like her she brings haylege with her.

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