Saturday, 12 March 2016

Damsel in distress gets rescued

Oh dear poor human wasn't having a good day. Her bike has a flat tyre so she came in her car. She stopped at the yard to make my breakfast and put a bale of hay in the car to bring up to my field.
All's well so far until she got in her car and oops it wouldn't start. Quick phone call to her knight in shining armour to come rescue her.
He was going to be a while because YMF was going to bring him and my youngest colt Grandfoal needed feeding. He takes his time does colt Grandfoal.
In the meantime, human walks up to my field without the hay. It's ok folks I have a good supply already by my field. She does the jobs and I walk in with her.
I get dressed and off we go for a wee plod. We did a bit more trotting today and even a few strides of canter now I'm feeling fitter. Human needs to sort her own fitness levels out now.
It's a beautiful day, the sun was shining, no flies, no wind. Perfect day for a wee plod.
When we got back I got undressed and had my breakfast. Very nice breakfast it was too. I went back to my field where human filled up my hay box for me.
She went back to the yard, had herself a cuppa and waited for her knight.
He arrived eventually with YMF and both Grandfoals. Of course knight aka The Stallion repaired the car and off they all went.
Only downside my hay went with them. Human says not to worry I won't go without there is enough by my field for a couple of days, she'll bring it as soon as she can.
Hurrah for The Stallion knight.

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