Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A very pleasant plod

Human arrived quite early today. She brought even more hay to store outside my field. The good news is she took the SpyCam away with her. Needs new batteries apparently. Of course you just know all the unusual wildlife will be out dancing in the field tonight don't ya.
After she had done the jobs, sorted out the water.......someone had turned the water supply off, why we don't know. Not had this happen for over two years. Very strange.
Anyway after everything sorted I came in with human. Got dressed and took her off for a wee plod.
We went to the next village. Didn't go far after than and came home again.
On the way back human asked me to stand close to where the rabbits have made a big hole right next to the bridlepath so she could take a picture.
When we got to the top of the bridlepath we went to visit the big girls. They are fine and were very curious about who we were.
Back to the yard. We met R&R's human and her Stallion just leaving the yard with Saffy Staff. Had to wait a moment before going up the drive.
A nice big breakfast awaited me. Human had herself a cuppa while I ate my very nice breakfast before going back to my field.

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