Thursday, 31 March 2016

A peaceful night

Human came and got me rather late today. I came in and got brushed, tail sorted, mane sprayed with conditioner.
On with my tack and off I go with human. Just down the bridlepath.
Last week human filled in some rabbit holes that were dangerously close to the track. Yesterday she discovered one of them had been unfilled. Yup. Either we have silly humans or very clever rabbits that can remove two housebricks and stack them up neatly at the side of the bridlepath. Hmmm. Human hopped off me yesterday to put the bricks back in the rabbit hole.
Today they are still there. I don't fancy breaking my leg falling down a rabbit hole.
When we got back I went in the school, human has said I can spend the night in my room. Tom the hoofy man is coming tomorrow.
I went in my room after a while to find my bed made, a big pile of hay, a huge fresh bin of water and a nice bucket of food. No carrots though.
The SpyCam has been put up so human can see what I get up to at night. I won't be getting up to much tonight, I am hoping for a nights peace and quiet.

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