Monday, 22 February 2016

Where's my grub huh?

Human eventually turned up. She brought a newly charged up battery for that horrid trick fencing. She set it all up and checked it was tricking right.
No breakfast today human? No hay?
I came in with her and got brushed. It took a while. Mud is so good for the skin, I thought humans knew this but seems not.
I got dressed on hops human and off we go. Blimey it's a bit windy. Thank goodness human isn't a lightweight or she might have got blown right off my back.
We met up with the nice man who lets me live in his field and stopped for a wee chat. He was walking one of his dogs along with the postman and his dog.
The sun was shining but it wasn't really warm. It might have been better if it wasn't blowing a gale.
When we got back to the yard I got undressed and at last some food. Mmmm breakfast with carrot and celery. Yum. Human went for a cuppa to warm her up.
Back to my field. Oh dear we met Lady Bradmores mother in her car. She had to stop and wait for us to get past the cars, she wasn't happy. Oh well too bad.
Back in my field and at last human put some yummy hay in my box. Mmmmm nice. The new boys were quieter today. Busy eating, sensible lads.

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